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Over 120 pages of Voices of Travel: From the Pages of Canadian Travel Press. This heavy cover, perfect bound book is complete with pictures from the past, timelines and anectodal recollections from past and present industry contributors. See also the Hard Cover - Collectors Edition. Available only on pre-orders.

Voices of Travel

Stories from the pages of Canadian Travel Press For the past 45 years, Canadian Travel Press (CTP) has been listening to the stories of the men and women who have built -- and continue to build -- Canada's travel industry. In September of 2012, CTP launched a major, new feature entitled Voices of Travel. And over the course of the past year, 40 industry executives have told us their stories -- in their own words -- about their time in the travel business here in Canada. Some are personal. Some talk about the changes that the industry has gone through. Some offer advice. Some provide new points of view. But each and every one captures the character of the people who make this business a great one.

Voices of Travel, Stories from the pages of Canadian Travel Press collects these stories in a single volume and adds an extensive Timeline that charts the events -- from 1968 to 2012 -- that have both challenged and changed the industry here in Canada. Throughout Voices of Travel, images from the photo archives of Canadian Travel Press enliven each page. 


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